Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas time

Only four more days, four more days, four more days......till Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas, in four more days my lovely bloggers, I hope your all excited for Christmas this year, especially for presents and yummy food, hehe. Anyway tomorrow I'm off to attempt water skiing, so wish me luck, I hope i can get up and do it, ! :) Whats on every ones wish lists this year bloggers?

According to 9's abc news in America apparently the following items are some of the most wanted christams presents for 2011:

- Playstation 3

- Xbox 360 Kinect

- The Amazon Kindle

- Ipod touch

- latest Asus laptop

- The Ipad

- and, some new thing called an Icade, its a wooden box, which you connect to an Ipad, which you can then play old fashioned games on, and can purchase new ones all the time on the itunes store, it sounds kind of weird, but look it up, it does look pretty cool, and the fact they've come up with another use for an Ipad is pretty cool. What will Apple think of next? :)

So it seems like lots of people are wanting electronic things for Christmas this year, well not me (at least not this year), I just want clothes, shoes and pretty/ cute things! :)

Are any of the things listed on your wishlist this year?

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xx. Steff

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  1. Cute picture!!

    Kisses Anne


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