Saturday, May 14, 2011

Katy Perry

(published on 23rd May 2011)

Above are some pics of the concert i went to :)

grrr i hate school at the moment! I have like an 8 week term where there's soooooo much assessment crammed in its not even funny!! But at least the other day i got to have some fun at the.........Katy Perry Concert YAY! She's so quirky and out there and cute! And her concert was set up just as cutely as she is. It was soooooo amazing, if there's one concert you go to make it hers, she puts on an amazing show! I was in the mosh pit and the atmosphere was great. I've got to say though i really didn't like one of the supporting acts, zowie, i think that what they were called, the music wasn't that bad but the girl, the singer kept doing these, short weird high pitched screams during all her songs. So annoying. The other supporting act was a guy called DJ skeet skeet, go and like his facebook page, you can get some free music downloads :) he was good and got the party going before Katy came on! When she came on the crowd went absolutely crazy, imagine being that famous that you can fill an entertainment centre with about 12 thousand people, and then you have to put on another show because of such high demand, only to fill it with another 12 thousand!! It'd be a great feeling to know that many people wanted to listen to you in one city alone!

below are just some pics of her :)

Hope your all having a great weekend blogger's :)

xx. Steff


  1. love her music <3 her concert would be amazing!

  2. Seriously, where does she get those amazing clothes?!?!

    The concert looks awesome! She's coming to my city in July, but I couldn't get tickets! boooooo. Glad you had fun though!



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