Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Valentino Retrospective Past Present Future Exhibition

The other day I took a trip to Brisbane's, Southbank, where the Queensland Art Gallery is located. The GOMA ( Gallery Of Modern Art) is holding the Valentino Retrospective Past Present Future Exhibition for just over 3 months. It has pieces from Valentino's collections from the past and the present. Its very interesting to see how what was in years ago, is coming back into fashion now. The exhibition has on show, many of the dresses famous actresses have worn down the red carpet. The dresses are amazing in real life as you can see all the detail in the designs and you can only imagine how hard it would have been to create the dresses.

Brisbane is very lucky to be holding the exhibition as there are only 4 places in the world that it is going to, Paris, Milan and New York! And if your in one of these places i recommend you go and check it out.

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xx. Steff


  1. I love Valentino!!!

  2. Your Blog's awsome, love itt, oh and i love Valentino as well!!


  3. Valentino ... his name is as good as his designs <3

  4. did you watch the film valentino: the last emporer? i definitely recommend it :)!!


  5. love love love valentino!!



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